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Walking Tour: A "Hillside Bohemia" - Joaquin Miller's "The Hights"

Date: Saturday July 22, 2017
Time: 10 a.m.
Location: The Abbey, small white house, no street number, roughly 3020 Joaquin Miller Road

More than one generation of American school children memorized Joaquin Miller's poem Columbus with its famous lines: "Brave Adm'rl, speak, what shall I say?" "Why, say: 'Sail on! Sail on! And on!" Columbus was written at the "Hights" (Joaquin Miller Park), where the legendary Indian fighting, gold mining poet did most of his literary work. Miller devoted an even greater portion of his time to farming and gardening his bare, windy hill. Fellow artists, as well as devotees from Japan, assisted him. His erratic family, such as his tragic Wintun daughter, did not. A hill walk. Leader: Phoebe Cutler