Walking Tour: Terrace and the Forgotten Trestle

The Warren Freeway occupies what was once a wooded canyon that was traversed by the Sacramento Northern Railway between Broadway Terrace and Moraga Avenue. The east side of the canyon was drastically altered, while the west side is relatively preserved. A distinguishing feature is a path leading to the the site of a railway trestle that allowed passage to Glenwood Glade and Fernwood. Join a walk that will include the intact railway right-of- way to the site of the trestle, feature the homes on Estates Drive, and review important natural landmarks including the Sheridan Road “Gap”, The “Elephant Seal” Eucalyptus and the Moraga Avenue “Mound” that impeded the construction of the Mountain Boulevard Freeway. The walk includes several steep uphill and downhill segments, including one on a dirt path.

Leader: Stuart Swiedle
Location: Meeting Point: Southeast Intersection of Thornhill Drive and Moraga Avenue
Date: Saturday July 21, 2018
Time: 10am