Allen Michaan (Lifetime Achievement Award): the local businessman best known for his stewardship of the Grand Lake Theater will be recognized for his many contributions to Oakland’s cultural fabric.

The Oakland Municipal Band (Stewardship) since 1912, professional musicians have volunteered at the Edoff Memorial Bandstand, to fill Lakeside Park with music.

Lampwork Lofts (Adaptive Reuse / Restoration): located on Campbell Street in West Oakland.  Originally constructed between 1912 and 1917 for the General Electric Incandescent Lampworks, this historic building now features 92 live/work lofts.

Mutual Lofts (Adaptive Reuse / Restoration): located in the Melrose district at 5701 International Boulevard; the “Modern Safeway Stores Office and Warehouse” has been lovingly restored for housing units, with original terra cotta, window inserts, and other details preserved.

570 El Dorado Avenue (Stewardship):  in the distinguished Linda Vista tract above Piedmont Avenue, the stately home of Irina and Alexander Itsekson has long been the setting for gala events to benefit Oakland charities and nonprofit organizations.

Piedmont Grocery (Stewardship): this beloved purveyor of fine foods has been an institution since the horse-and-buggy days.

Jeff Norman (Lifetime Achievement Award): the author, artist, Temescal neighborhood activist, and much loved OHA tour leader will be remembered.


Intertribal Friendship House (Education):  Since 1955, the IFH has provided a community center for Oakland Natives of all ages.  Programs include traditional and modern arts, a community garden, and advocacy in partnership with indigenous peoples in other regions.