This is the fountain. There were either tiles or statues at four locations.


The former officer's club at Oak Knoll is being prepared for moving and reassembly on a nearby site in the planned housing development in the Oakland Hills. The building is under study so that details and architectural features can be preserved, restored, or recreated. Can you help solve some mysteries?

Please look at any old photos, slides, or home movies you can find, showing the interior or exterior of the club and its outdoor area. Email a scan or postal mail us a photocopy (OHA, 446 17th Street, #301, Oakland, CA 94612 (don't send your precious originals!).

Below are photos that show some areas where elements may be missing. Your photos can help! (It doesn't have to be a great photo! It is okay if building details are in the background, dark, or out of focus.)

Of course we know that most photos will be centered on people or events. But a background or foreground can reveal how the room or building once looked. Please send anything you find to: Oak Knoll photos. Please include your name and contact info in your email. (The photos will be used for research purposes, not for publication.) Thank you, and please pass the link to this page along to anyone who may have useful information!

Here are the mysteries: queries are from Garden City Construction, who are working on the project:

1. There is a railing missing that went through the columns end to end. We know it was there, as there are holes and flashings. This is the east elevation.

2. There were either tiles or statues at four locations around the fountain. What were they?

3. This photograph shows the balcony. If you look at the upper right corner you can see some curtain (?) rings. Were there awnings or curtains of some kind?

5. Missing plaster ornament south side of Dining Room

6. There may have been a balustrade in this "Orchestra" area before they installed the Projection Room.

4. The Arcade roof. We are going to salvage the batts and rafters for reinstallation. We are working with the engineer to NOT have the arcade covered with ply and ruin the look. Are there any photos showing this area?