Help Preserve San Antonio Park!

Page last updated March 8 2021

The City of Oakland is proposing to put a fire station into one of Oakland’s oldest parks. San Antonio Park was established in 1854 as “Independence Square” on what had been part of Luis Peralta’s land. The proposed station would take away at least 20,000 square feet of this intensively used park, in a neighborhood which is short of open space. Information on the proposal is available here:

Please comment by writing, emailing, or phoning Councilmember Nikki Fortunato Bas and the city staff listed below. See sample letter below, and if you are a District 2 constituent, please include that in your communication as well. Thank you for your help!

Sample Letter



Dear Council President Bas, Department of Public Works, and Department of Parks, Recreation, and Youth Development Staff:

I am writing to communicate my opposition to giving up land in San Antonio Park for a new Fire Station. Eliminating parkland and tennis courts permanently removes irreplaceable acreage and recreation facilities needed for public health, air quality, and wildlife. Park land is not “free” land to be given away. This valuable land that was wisely designated for park use in 1854.  San Antonio Park hosts many cultural events and gatherings, including Cinco de Mayo celebrations and the Malcom X JazzArts Festival each year.  

[PLEASE PERSONALIZE THIS SECTION]  I moved to this area because of San Antonio Park. I love the park and want it to be preserved and improved. This is why I voted for Measure KK to fund streets, recreation centers, playgrounds, and libraries, and Measure Q to fund parks and recreation, homeless services, and water projects. I did not support these taxes for a fire station in the park. Please identify another location for a new Fire Station.

Thank you,

[Your Name]